Jig Heads

Jig Heads with different heads with hooks from VMC, Gamakatsu, Owner and Illex for softbaits
Mustad Jighead

Mustad Jighead, Jigheads with Ultra Point Hooks

Kashima Jighead Round

Kashima Jighead Round

VMC Jighead Roundhead

Jighead Round with VMC Barbarian Jighead size #1 to 12/0

Spitze Haken

Spitze Haken, Jighead brand from Lieblingsköder

Fire Ball Jig

Fireball Jig Jighead, Foxrage Fireball Jigs

Nymph Jighead

Round Nymph Jigheads with VMC 5150 Barbarian Jighead hook

Jighead Screwin

Jighead Screwin

Spro Gamakatsu Jighead Round

Spro Gamakatsu Jighead Long & Round

Spro Gamakatsu Jig 90 HD

Spro Gamakatsu Jig 90 HD, Heavy Duty version

Spro Gamakatsu Eri Gripper

Spro Gamakatsu Eri Gripper

Spro Gamakatsu Jighead Micro

Der Micro Jighead. Ein Gamakatsu Jig29 Haken mit einem speziell...

Gamakatsu Bottom Knocker/ Skirted Jig

Gamakatsu Bottom Knocker Offset, Weedless Vertical Jighead....

Daiwa Jigheads

Daiwa and Daiwa PRorex Jigheads

Quantum Jighead

Quantum Jighead, Jigkopf Cast Jig 50 degree

VMC Jighead Eri Jig

Jighead Eri Jig with VMC Barbarian hooks size 1 to 7/0

VMC Jighead Football Jig

Jighead Football Jig with VMC Barbarian Hook

Fox Rage Jighead

Fox Rage Jigheads, Jig Head X and Jig Head X Strong

Owner Jighead

Owner Jighead, absolutely top japanese jig hooks

Profiblinker Doublehead

Profiblinker Doublehead

Savage Gear Jighead

Savage Gear Jighead

Leadfree Jighead

Leadfree Jighead

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